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Coach Pitch League Rules

2024 Macomb Little League 
Coach Pitch League Rules

  1. This is an instructional league meant to introduce kids to the game of baseball.
  2. No Score will be kept
  3. Batting
    1. For the first 2 weeks. All players that are present at the game will bat each half inning. The order should be switched up each inning so that the same people are not always batting first or last.
    2. For the remainder of the season Teams will play 3 outs or go through the batting order once per half inning.
  4. Base Running
    1. For the first 2 weeks. Each time the ball is put in play the runners will advance one base. When the last batter of the inning is up and puts the ball in play, play out the hit and end the inning. 
    2. For the remainder of the season players will advance at their own risk when the ball is put into play.  There will be NO stealing or lead offs.
  5. There will be no outs recorded for the first 2 weeks, but the defense is encouraged to attempt to record an out. 
  6. Outs will be recorded after the first 2 weeks of the season to encourage real play.  3 outs and that half of the inning is over, or if the entire team bats the last batter will hit, and once the play has ended that half of the inning will end.
  7. Each batter will receive five pitches from a coach. If the batter misses those five pitches a tee will be inserted for the player to use.  If a player fouls off the third pitch, he or she may be given an extra pitch. If the coach makes a bad pitch the batter may also be given an extra pitch at the coach’s discretion.
  8. The coach may throw overhand or underhand at any distance and may also be on a knee to throw.
  9. Games will be 60 minutes or until each team has batted through at least 3 times, whichever comes first.  


(Updated April 2024)


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