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Pee Wee League Rules

2024 Macomb Little League
Pee Wee League Rules

League Set-Up

1. Scores will be kept for each game; however, no stats will be kept.  Coaches are responsible for either keeping track of the score on the provided “scoreboard” or finding a parent to do so.

2.  NO team standings will be kept throughout the year.  Keeping score is simply meant to encourage healthy competition.

3.  Any year in which the league consists of FOUR or more teams will result in an end of the season tournament.  The tournament structure will be determined by the number of teams and pairings will be determined by drawing teams out of a hat. 


1. Each coach has the responsibility to post the batting order on the fence and delegate (to another coach) the job of quickly preparing the batter, on-deck batter and first two hitters on the bench ready with helmets on.

2. It is suggested that a coach establish a batting order in the beginning of the season and maintain that batting order throughout the season. The batting order will run continuously throughout the games. Example: If the #4 hitter makes the last out of Game A, the #5 hitter will lead off for Game B. A player’s position in the batting order cannot be changed. If a player arrives late and misses his turn at bat, the player should bat at the bottom of the batting order. Note: It is important to remember all players bat in order whether they have played in the field or not.  ****For tournament purposes, coaches may create a unique batting order for each individual game at their discretion.  All players will still bat in the order whether they have played in the field or not.****

3. One of the coaches from the fielding team will be behind home plate and assist the catcher to be sure that the ball is thrown back to the umpire. And the fielding team is also required to have a coach out in the field to help with the positioning and instruction of the players. ****For tournament purposes, the fielding team will continue to have a coach behind home plate to assist with getting the ball back to the umpire, however, the fielding team will not be allowed to have coaches on the field during the tournament except to initially place the players in the correct positions.****

Playing Time Requirements

1. Up to 10 players, including a player-pitcher, are allowed on the field at one time (6 infielders and 4 outfielders). The outfielders must position themselves in the grass (not in the dirt) until the ball crosses the plate.

2. Every player should be allowed to play every defensive position over the course of the season except when to do so would endanger the player (i.e. pitcher, 1st base, catcher, and shortstop). A coach is given discretion to determine who is or is not ready to play a certain position.

3. The Home Team shall occupy the benches along the third base line, while the Visiting Team will sit on the benches along the first base line. The Home Team is the first team listed on the schedule.

4. A coach can bench a player for disciplinary reasons: bad behavior, disrespectful attitude, or etc.

Base Runners

1. Base stealing is not allowed.

2. On batted balls that travel to the outfield, the batter and all runners can advance at their own risk as many bases as possible. Once the ball is caught by an infielder inside the base paths and the player puts their hands up, the runners must stop at the base they are standing on. If runners are between bases when the ball reaches the infield, they may advance to the next base only or return to the previous base. They can be put out during this time. Play can also be halted at the discretion of the umpire at any time.

3. If an overthrow is made from the infield by the fielding team, in an attempt to make an out, all runners may advance (1) additional base at their own risk. If additional overthrows are made on the same play, there will be no further advancement. There will be no further advancement on overthrows coming from the outfield (See # 2).

4. Any runner is out when: The runner does not slide or attempt to get around the fielder and makes contact with the fielder who has the ball or is waiting to catch the ball near the base. Base coaches should help the 1st and 3rd baseman get out of the way of the runner when a play is not going to be made at that time.

Length of Game

1. No inning shall begin more than one hour after the beginning of the game. The game supervisor will keep the time for all games and will be the sole person responsible for deciding whether another inning is started. An inning is officially considered started with the third out (or 5 runs scored) of the previous inning.

2. An inning consists of 3 outs or 5 runs, whichever comes first.

3. No inning will begin if in the judgment of the umpire-in-chief and/or supervisor it is unsafe to continue due to threatening weather conditions, etc. The umpire and/or supervisor shall be the judge of whether the game should continue.

4. It is the responsibility of the coaches to get your players to the field quickly and to have your batters ready outside and inside the dugout.


1. Bunting is not allowed.

2. No batter is allowed to swing a bat in the dugout area.

3. Adults are allowed to coach the batter, but no physical assistance is allowed. (Example: moving a batter around in the box is fine, but helping them swing is not)

4. Due to safety concerns, throwing a bat is a violation of the rules whether it is intentionally thrown or accidental. The first time this happens in a game, both teams will be warned. Further violations will result in the batter being called out each time a bat is thrown. Throwing the bat is any action in which the batter does not place the bat near the home plate area. A controlled, one-handed finish is not a thrown bat.


1. Designated coach from the batting team will pitch; Pitches must be overhand and delivered from inside the designated pitching circle (pitchers may kneel but must be behind the designated line).

2. Player at the pitcher position will play with one (1) foot inside the 10’ circle around the pitcher’s mound area at the time of pitch delivery.

3. Batter will be out after three (3) swinging strikes, there will be no called strikes. Batter will receive six (6) pitches total, however, there will be unlimited fouls on the fifth pitch and any pitch following. Umpires may grant an extra pitch if the coach has thrown a pitch that seems unhittable. 

4. Fielding team may have a player at catcher, dressed in full catcher’s gear. If you do not use a catcher then you will only be allowed 9 players on defense.


(Updated April 2024)


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