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Minor League Rules

2024 Macomb Little League
Minor League Rules

Macomb Little League will follow the Minor League Rules for Macomb Little League listed below.  
National Little League shall apply for any rules not specifically listed in the Minor League Rules.

1.     Each game has a 80-Minute time limit or 6 innings of play (whichever comes first)

2.     Ties are ties

3.     Minor League has a 5 run per inning max run rule

4.     No one can see/ask how much time is left in the game besides the supervisor on duty

5.     3 Uniformed Coaches in Dugout per team max 

6.     The Umpire in Chief with Supervisors Permission calls for the game to start

7.     No use of a special/courtesy runner is allowed

8. Runners may advance on a passed ball or a wild pitch, but they may not score on a wild pitch or passed ball until Week 4.

9. Baserunners may advance one base on an overthrow.  However, baserunners may not advance to home on an overthrow or steal home until Week 4 in the season.

10. No Lead Offs, Baserunners may not leave the base until the ball crosses home plate. 

11. No “head-first” sliding into any base and violation of his rule will result in an out. 

12. Follow all league pitch count rules in terms of total number of pitches per day and required days of rest. 

13. Any player that shows up late to a game and is not on the original scorecard or in the scorebook is added to the lineup in the last spot in the batting order and every attempt must be made to meet mandatory play requirements

14. Any player that was on original score card and MUST leave the park for any reason during the game is skipped over in the batting order with no penalty to his team

15. Continuous batting order everyone bats, free substitutions

16. Mandatory play: Each player must participate in each game for a minimum of 6 defensive outs and bat at least 1 time

17. New half inning starts when the 3rd out of previous half inning is recorded

18. New half inning starts always as long as time is left on timer when 3rd out is recorded

19. With a home team winning & time expired after the visiting team has batted in the top half of the inning the game is OVER with a home team victory & the home team does NOT bat

20. If the visiting team has a lead of more than the 5 run max limit per inning & time has expired and visitors have batted in their half of the inning then the game is OVER and the visiting team wins.

21. Games may be called on account of the weather or darkness ONLY by either the supervisor on duty or the umpire in chief

22. A game forfeited regardless of whether it is played as an exhibition game ends in a score of 6-0 for the non-forfeiting team per LL rule book

23. ONLY a coach may inquire about pitch counts, and may inquire at anytime

24. Standings will be based on Winning Percentage in the Event that NOT all games are played.

25. Season (Tie-Breaker)  In the case of ties on season records:

  • 1st Tie Breaker – Head-to-head results
  • 2nd Tie Breaker – Defense runs allowed
  • 3rd Tie Breaker – Offense runs scored

(Updated April 2024)


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